Objectives for improving motivation

This months post comes from our October 2007 newsletter Perform, it concerns how motivation can be improved within the work place and why it should be. If you enjoy reading this blog why not visit our website and sign up for the newsletter directly. That way you will be sure not to miss any more pearls of wisdom.

A recent web search found our website by asking this question. It is not a question we have answered directly – to us it seems obvious!   

Our intention is to provide as much information as people need to understand our viewpoint of motivation matters. When people find our viewpoint reasonable and of value, we can do business. 

What are the objectives for improving motivation? It is time we answered the question directly. 

Motivation in our terms is the measure of the willingness of a person to behave in a certain way. 

In the workplace this behaviour should be directed to the pursuit of the goals of the organisation. 

The individual’s motivation will show itself as improving performance. The motivated employee will have more commitment to the organisation. He will be willing, eager to do his best and creativity will flourish toward its full extent. 

The organisation is therefore furnished with the ability to improve overall performance. That performance enhancement is there to be delivered by good management. Good management and good motivation are both needed to deliver organisation improvements – like you need both hands to clap, one hand makes no noise alone not half the noise. 

The motivated employee is more interested, more engaged. They are prepared to help, to modify their behaviour as needed by the organisation. The ability of the organisation to adapt to future requirements is enhanced. The organisation becomes “fit for the future”. 

The third key objective is resilience. An organisation with motivated employees can rely on them to stick with them when the going is tough.  

Of course there are many more reasons for improving the motivation of your people. You will find more reasons on our website. 

Three objectives: 

Improved operational performance
Improved preparedness for the future
Improved resilience to tactical and strategic threats

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