Employee motivation

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Do you drive a car? You have to put petrol or diesel in a car to make it go. If you buy higher octane petrol you get better performance, a few more miles to the gallon.

What happens if you skip the regular maintenance? Before long the car is reluctant to start, loses some of its pep and, generally, become reluctant to move fast at all.

What if people were cars? Fuel would be the salary and maintenance would be motivation management.

Just like a car, if you ignore motivation then the person will eventually stop, no matter how much salary you pour into them!

Ah but some people are naturally motivated I hear you say. Yes, there are different models just like cars. Family cars, sports cars and 4x4s all have their special abilities and do better or worse depending on the circumstances. People are the same. But everyone stops eventually no matter how well matched they are to the circumstances if their motivation is not managed properly.

What is this “motivation” thing anyway?

Motivation at work is about a managed, sustainable environment that demands excellent performance.

In brief, work is a social function and motivation is about human contact.

Such as:

  • People managers being honest rather than “nice”.
  • Showing respect for another person
  • Creating an opportunity to strive
  • A feeling of belonging and involvement
  • Equitable treatment
  • Recognition of performance

Also it helps if the organisation is:

  • Stable
  • Successful
  • Paying just over the going rate (higher octane)

Creating the right motivating environment is a big task. Knowing where you are now allows you to plan the change process to the brighter future. When you have your car serviced the service record is updated so you know when the next service is due.

The review of the current environment must include the management hierarchy. Management methodology has a significant bearing on the environment of people working below them.

You can now establish your organisation’s current motivational state through our Audit.

The Audit, a self-completion questionnaire, provides enough information to produce an analysis of your situation, a recommendation for improvement and a proposal.

You will need at least four hours to complete the Audit and our fee is £100 + VAT (Ed. now £400 in 2011)

To enquire about the Audit call 01787 378851 or email from here audit@motivationmatters.co.uk

People amaze when motivation matters.

Clearly there are many changes going on. It is a difficult time to be in HR.

You can help by introducing performance enhancing improvements. Be the solution.

People make the difference when motivation matters.


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