New research identifies life skill genes by Stephen Walker of Motivation Matters

Research results announced today reveal the results of a two year study into the genetic disposition of humans to

develop one of six important life skills traits.

In each group bar one the team found statistically significant correlations between the genotype of the individuals’

behaviour and their subsequent life outcomes.

It is an astonishing breakthrough to be able to classify the new born into one of five groups.

The new born can now be classified from birth and their genetic outcome disposition recorded on their birth

certificates and carried over to their National Insurance (Social Security) identity.

This will allow better decisions to be made as to their upbringing, education and opportunities.

The new born can now be identified with badges to help those interacting with them adopt the correct

developmental behaviour. The question remains what “correct behaviour” means.

The research identified five groups: stilt-walkers, taxi drivers, athletes, gardeners and fashionistas.

The sixth group, where a statistically significant correlation was not achieved, comprised highly successful

politicians. Unfortunately the genotypes and the answers to the life outcomes questionnaire seemed to be almost


Obviously this is a lot of nonsense and an April Fool’s Day joke.

But if you think people are born leaders, born entrepreneurs, born motivated or born idle then you woefully

underestimate the effect of nurture on people.

If you need help nurturing your people contact us or +44 (0) 1787 378851

Any similarity between this article and any research is purely accidental.


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