The 2012 Olympic Legacy

The UK is enjoying a rare elation after a successful Olympic Games, both as a venue and as medal winners. The Paralympics will have their share of astonishing team and individual victories too.

The UK is bathing in post-Olympic euphoria – helped by a heat wave and the general feeling of holidays. Our athletes “punched above their weight” and our medal tally was spectacular. We feel pleased with ourselves. The Paralympics continues the theme with some amazing performances.

We have shown the world we can organise a big event. But I think I’ll skip over the closing ceremony!

The big celebration is around people and their stories. Athletes, who found the motivation to train, push their bodies and put their domestic life second, are the heroes of the Olympics.

That all this was made possible by an army of volunteers providing the support to visitors and athletes is notable. I have written about the benefits of volunteers before ( Is paying people to work wrong? )

How does this translate to the world of work?

Historically the UK is well supplied with outstanding individuals, outstanding leaders. There are a number of them in my Great Leader series of articles .

The UK’s athletes showed all the inspirational qualities: hard work, the ability to surpass obstacles and that deep down determination to not give up, to do your best.

The UK “punches above its weight” in science, in the arts, in outstanding individual accomplishment.

We are also successful where small teams are concerned. The centre of Motor racing excellence is in the UK. Legends like Williams F1 and back room boys Pi Research deliver the vehicles and the incremental improvements allowing UK drivers to go out and win!

We are not successful with large teams in the main. Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) are successful now (2012). Building pretty much on the same plant and workforce, the new management, India’s Tata Group bought JLR in 2008, are making a “British” success story.

Why are UK managers unable to run large teams? Is it because the founder of modern management was Henri Fayol, a Frenchman?

What happens as a “Williams F1” grows into an “Austin Rover” that means we can’t make a success of it?

Imagine if we could make the Olympic Legacy the ability to run large teams effectively. Imagine how the competitive position of the UK would change, how we would improve this country in a few short years.

We need to be inspiring achievement in all our population not just a few individuals. We need to make every individual more effective in everything they do.

Can you help me find the platforms I need to get this message out across the country?

I will talk for expenses – email me!

You can read a full article here.

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