Positive Management


The brain is a complex thing. The latest research is beginning to explore just how powerful our brains can be and finding some peculiarities.

Pink kangaroo

Pink kangaroo lightIf I ask you not to think about a pink kangaroo, what happens?

You can’t get it out of your head?

This is why there is carefully worded advice about how to finish a sales letter or email with a call to action.

If you finish with “please don’t hesitate to call me” the brain forgets the negative and recalls “hesitate to call me”!

It is much better to be positive and say “Call me today to hear about our special deals”.

Positive Management Behaviour

The brain has the same response to negative management.

Always be positive never negative. If you have a talk with one of your people about their absence problem, stressing they mustn’t be absent, they remember “be absent”.

I know people are not that stupid! We are talking about the hundred and one management behaviours that create the culture, the animus of your organization. If it is overwhelmingly negative then you will get poor performance from your people.

The Positive Management System

The system is woven from three research strands developed over the last 20 years.

  •  Neuroscience
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Our own research into management action and performance

Positive Management is just beginning to appear so it is unlikely you have heard of it or the principles.

Time for another example: All organizations manage people’s holiday. You want to ensure holiday is taken when it suits the organization and that only the holiday entitlement is used. Turn that into a positive by having a management process that schedules people’s holiday to match their wants and the organizations.

Negative Management

Negative management has been found to severely curtail creativity, innovation and problem solving. Not wishing to focus on a negative so you may find Dan Pink’s video interesting.


Positive management is relevant to all sizes of organization:

  •  The solopreneur’s positive mental attitude
  • The manager’s positive approach to people and their performance
  • The leader’s vision pulling everyone toward that goal

The Positive Management Programme

To bring Positive Management Behaviour to all organizations we have a series of workshops created to precisely meet the needs of solopreneurs, managers and leaders.

Email me today to learn about our special deals! Enquiry@motivationmatters.co.uk

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3 thoughts on “Positive Management

  1. Good article Stephen. When I was studying for my Business Studies degree I remember being told of an experiment where two groups of employees were given exactly the same task to do, but one group was left entirely to their own devices whereas management interacted with everyone in the second group and constantly gave praise and motivation. The results of their activity showed that the second group was way more productive than the first.

  2. Your sentence “If you finish with “please don’t hesitate to call me” the brain forgets the negative and recalls “hesitate to call me”! ” struck a chord – I can easily see the sense of it. I am not sure what followed, however is the ‘cure’ however 🙂 I see “call me today” all the time and it puts me in the mind NOT to – even if the product or service is of interest. Why? Because I am being told what to do by someone that wants to sell me something.. For me at least, a ‘call to action’ would be something I am more likely to follow up if it was a little less demanding: “Interested? Then give me a call..”

  3. Loved Dan Pink’s TED Talk and completely agree with him on how careful you need to be in selecting extrinsic motivators as you can see so many incentive schemes in business being sub-optimised! Positive Management behaviour will make a big difference.
    Just a thought – should you have said “No payment details are needed…”!!! 🙂

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