About Stephen Walker

Stephen is a co-founder of Motivation Matters, set up in 2004 to develop the management of motivation to inspire greater performance.

His original research and long experience in globally competitive businesses gave ample opportunity to find out what worked to drive down costs.

A published author of articles and Conference speaker, Stephen thinks inspiring achievement and fostering innovation is vital to a sustainable economy.

Stephen has delivered workshops on how to “inspire greater performance” across the country. Now you can learn for yourself how to do this.

He has worked for notable organizations such as Corning, De La Rue and Buhler and has been hired to help Philips, Lloyds TSB and a raft of others.

Stephen is married with a grown-up son. He is active in the Chartered Management Institute, is a Prince’s Trust Business Mentor and a Local Authority School Governor.

More information is available from www.motivationmatters.co.uk

Email us Enquiry@motivationmatters.co.uk                                            Telephone (+44) 1787 378851


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